Amy Lauren Floral Designs

I had the privalage of taking photos for, Amy Lauren floral designs the other day. Amy, a talented new entrepreneur and local creative, seemed to effortlessly put together an elegant garden tablescape right in her own backyard. The early morning light and the beautiful greenery from her garden was the perfect backdrop for our shoot. I asked her a few questions about her ideas behind it all. 

As a florist, where does your overall inspiration come from? 

" My general inspiration comes from nature. I like for my designs to look like they could be growing in some secret garden somewhere. Ha! I love playing with shapes, textures, colors, and styles! It all inspires me!" 

What was your inspiration for your garden dinner centerpiece?

"My inspiration for this design was keeping it natural and flowy. I also wanted to incorporate non-traditional colors. Purple is so beautiful and in my opinion underutilized in weddings! So, I plucked these from the garden the morning of our shoot and married them with these perfect white garden roses. You can't for wrong with garden roses! Wish your readers could smell this yummy centerpiece. "

What is your favorite thing about being a florist? 

" My favorite thing about being a florist is the joy that it brings. I think when I started this humble business I was startled at how much hard work it takes. I do work long hours and the pressure to make things perfect is nearly too much sometimes! But when I slow down and remind myself to enjoy each flower. To soak up the smells as I work. To give myself freedom to create something unique. And to remember that "beautiful" rarely is perfect. I enjoy every single second."

If you're looking for a florist in the D.C. area with a unique eye, she's your Girl. To see more of her work, check out her website. 

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