Edgy Bohemian Wedding Details

Happy 2018! I know some of you might be starting to plan all the lovely details of your wedding which can often feel a little bit overwhelming. I have some inspiration for you today from a collaborative shoot I did this past summer. As a photographer, I always tell my brides how important it is to find a florist and calligrapher that reflect their style. Here are two local creatives who are amazing at what they do. 


For  the Modern bride, with an artsy side, this shoot mixed  bohemian, and romantic colors with edgy textures.  Amy Lauren Floral, created a soft romantic arrangement with , bold, pops of warm autumn colors. She used a collection of peach garden roses, local plumb dahlia, foraged greenery, honeysuckle, freesia, sweetpea, amaranthus, and snapdragons.  


Kim of With Wild and Grace,  worked a classic calligraphy style with a unique font location. Instead of using a standard centered orientation for the wording, she choose to place it off center. She also used white leather for the name tags, simple gold studs, and mavue + grey handmade paper.


Together the elegant floral elements juxtaposed with the textured invitations created a cohesive and charming layout. 

Floral designer: Amy Lauren Floral Design

Calligrapher: Kim of With Wild and Grace

Photographer: Meaghan Clare Photography 

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