β€œThe power of finding beauty in the humblest
things makes home happy and life lovely.”

- Louisa May Alcott - 

I am a teacher by trade and an artist at heart. I've been teaching art for over 7 years and nothing brings me more joy than teaching kids how to see and capture true beauty in the world.  

I am a natural light, portrait, wedding and lifestyle photographer from the Maryland, D.C. area. My goal is to celebrate the uniqueness and beauty of every individual I am capturing. I strive to create timeless, clean images that are not over edited. I work with the natural environment around me and focus on bringing attention to that which is already beautiful. 

My passion is capturing those simple, beautiful moments that make up your life. I've had a love of photography and art since I was young. My inspiration comes from my family, friends, literature, music, interesting people I've met during my travels and most importantly the Creator of it all. 

When I'm not teaching art, I enjoy helping my husband update and fix our old rancher in Maryland. My dream is to someday become like Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper, but my husband says I'll have to do all the work because this is the last house he's working on. We'll see about that :)