Woven by Willa

I had the privilage of working on a styled product shoot of a macramé Indigo Elphaba wall hanging for @wovenbywilla  . Shelagh Bolger,  a local stylist and friend,  and I teamed up to create some nautical inspired images, highlighting the beauty of Sarah's work. Learn a little more about  Sarah Willa's macrame business and the idea behind this stunning indigo dyed creation below!  

1. How did you get into doing Macrame?

I was bored and on fall break when I began looking at Pinterest for decore ideas. That's when I first saw macramé and decided to give it a try! I had some experience with macramé in the past but that did not prepare me for the challenge. My first piece was not perfect and nearly took me 10 hours... regardless of the struggle I was hooked!

 2. What inspired you to start your Etsy shop?

After creating a few macramé wall hangings, word got around to my friends and I began    receiving orders. The influx and interest caused me to realize my need for a website, and Etsy was the obvious next step for my small business.

3.How long have you had your Etsy Shop? 

I've had my shop for roughly half a year. It's been a great way for people around the world to purchase my work. It's also been great to have for people who want to read reviews of past customers who had a good experience with my art and customer service.

4. Describe where you get your inspiration from? 

I love getting inspiration from textiles, architecture and art from around the world! The patterns and designs are so intricate and unique. I also love keeping things simple, so looking at traditional American or French decoré has also had an influence on my more minimalist work.

5. Describe what your vision/style/theme/color scheme for this Indigo Elphaba wall hanging was. 

I love the beach and simple designs.. that's where elphaba was born. I combined one of my unique designs with a simple wave like design to create the simplicity and elegance of elphaba. Though the name was from the Broadway show I was listening to at the time, wicked, on repeat!

6. What is your favorite part about this piece? 

I love the soft blue color, simple curve and minimalistic design. Every time I look at it I am deeply satisfied and calmed!

7. What advice do you have for people who are decorating with this piece in their home? 

Macramé in general is a great accessory in an home, office or business. It adds texture and beauty where a plain picture had once hung. It's 3D and hand crafted, making you want to reach out and touch it yourself. I love putting my macramé hangings in gallery walls or as a statement piece among small complimenting items. I especially like hanging them where they can stand alone and be appreciated away from clutter and in an entrance way.

8. Where do you see your business endeavors going in the next 5 years? 

My passion in creating macramé art started in my home and became a therapeutic outlet for me. As long as it continues to be therapeutic I will continue making art! I hope to be making macramé wall hangings and art for a long time.

9. Describe how you think your work is reflective of where you live? 

My home is in North Carolina, a state where the beach and mountains are just a drive away. I create my pieces typically as a reflection of the simple way in which I like to live my life and am inspired by the beauty around me. When I get stuck on a design I love to take a trip to the beach or just go for a walk along the river. Little movements like these clear my mind and allow me to draw inspiration from nature and the environment around me.

Photography: Meaghan Clare

Styling: Shelagh Bolger

Macramé Product: Woven by Willa