Vermeer Inspired Still life Centerpiece

Whatever place you are in life, Thoreau says it best,  "Live each season as it passes; Breath the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit and resign yourself to the influences of the earth." We've got to make the best of whatever comes our way. Today I was inspired by the Dutch artist, Johannes Vermeer. I recently picked up a little book about his life from the National gallery of art. What I most admire about his artwork was his ability to take ordinary objects  and rearrange them in such a way that it told a beautiful story.  I decided today that I would searched my house for some favorite items. I put them  together in the center of my table to create a still life, centerpiece. It was a nice way to brighten up my table on this  rainy summer date night in. I hope it brings some inspiration to those days when you might need a little touch of beauty to brighten your own home. It won't take long, all you need is your favorite vase or bottle, some pretty wild flowers you can cut at a local farm or buy at your food store, and some of your favorite items.

1. Find your favorite pitcher, vase, bottle or mason jar. I chose one from my new favorite ceramic shop, the White Hearth. 

2. Choose two types of green filler flowers and two main wild flowers. 

3. Fill your vase with the greenery first. 

3. Next fill your vase with the main flower. 

4. Finally add your berry flowers last. 

5. I choose two long candle sticks and my antlers that I got in Tenessee, to complete my table centerpiece. 

6. Pull out your dressy dishes tonight,  it's a date night after all! I added a pop of color with my blue jean napkins, and my handmade vintage ceramic mugs found at a flee market. 

Meaghan WhiteComment