Minestrone di Verdura Soup

Hello, followers! A couple of years ago, my Mom passed down to me some of my Grandfather's old cookbooks. One of my goals this Winter was to go through them and try some of the recipes.  Twelve Months of Monastery Soups, has grown to be one of my favorites. Here is a Minestrone di Verdura ( Tuscan Green Vegetable Minestrone) soup that I cooked up the other day for a group of friends. This is also an easy recipe you could try for a Valentine's day lunch for family or for the hubby. You could also save this for a snowy day and cook it in a crockpot! ( Let me know if you've tried it and leave a comment below.) 


2/3 cup olive oil

large onion, chopped (I used 4 scallions instead)

2 carrots,sliced

2 celery stalks, sliced

1 15-ounce can cooked cannelloni beans

10 Cups water

2 potatoes, peeled and diced

small radicchio, chopped

1 cup white wine

1 bay leaf

chopped parsley

salt and pepper

(you could easily add some chicken or pasta to the recipe if you want to make it into a dinner)


1. Gently sauté  in olive oil the onions, carrots, and celery stalks for about 5 minutes ( I added in some fresh garlic). Add the beans and tomatoes and continue sautéing for 2 more minutes. 

2. Add water and bring the soup to a boil. Add the diced potatoes, radicchio, wine, bay leave, parsley, salt and pepper. cover the pot and simmer the soup for 60 minutes. turn off the heat and let the soup stand for 15 minutes. Remove the bay leaf. Serve hot. 

It went nicely with a hardy bread which I picked up from a local bakery. 

Serve with a white wine if you so choose. Bon appetit! 

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