Simple DIY Garland

Little Women has always been a favorite Christmas movie of mine, among a few others ( Elf, Christmas Vacation, Home Alone, White Christmas)... And no, it is not because I am a little Lady who can relate. The story has nothing to do with the woes of being a short person people:) If you are not familiar with the story, It takes place in Concord during the American Civil War. While the March family doesn't have much money to live off of, they still seem to have a warm and cozy home. This year, I was inspired by the simplicity of their decorations and so I decided to make a garland of my own for my fire place, using greenery from around my yard. Below you will find the steps for making a simple DIY. Enjoy!


You will need: 

Floral wire


A variety of greenery 


Start by cutting a variety of greenery. I used sprigs of pine, nandina and laurel. 

Started with the Laurel leaves first. Group them in threes and wrapped floral wire around them, making sure to leave a little bit of wire to attach to the rope. 

Next cut a piece of twine and fold it in half. Put your first laurel leaves at the center of the twine and evenly attach the other laurel leaves around the rest of the twine. Making sure to make them all go in the same direction. 

Pair the nandina with the pine by wrapping them each with a little floral wire. 

Attach each of the pine and nandina sections along the rope in between the laurel leaves. 

This would be a good time to put the garland in the location that you want it to hang so that you can start to fill in those areas that might have gaps. 

You can mis in some antlers along the garland to add some different texture.  

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