Today I've been reminiscing about our honeymoon to Portugal and wanted to share some photos from our trip with you. I don't know about you, but I always seem to get the itch to plan a trip around this time of year. So if you are like me, and are trying to decide where to go next, you need to go to Portugal!  Who knew such a  little country held so much loveliness!! 

Sintra, Portugal 

Sintra, Portugal 

Our introduction to Portugal was at the Hotel, Fortaleza do Guincho, about 30 minutes from downtown Lisbon. Our room overlooked the beautiful Atlantic ocean where we watched the surfers glide in and out of the waves, along Guincho Beach. From Guincho, we went west to the town of Sintra for a day. Sintra has over 13, 19th century, and Romantic era castles that you can visit. We ambitiously wanted to see all of them, but soon realized that three was more than enough. The first one our list was Pena National Palace, which was a personal favorite of mine

Next we went North to beautiful, Porto. Porto was my favorite location we stayed at. What didn't we like about this city... it had the most amazing food, wine, fashion, architecture, and music! Best of all, it was so relaxing, not what you might think it would be like in the second largest city in Portugal.  

Quinto de Pego, was the best place to locate next after the hustle and bustle of Porto. It was a retreat to rest our weary feet. Our hotel was surrounded by the beautiful vineyard of Quito de Pego, off the Douro River. This is where they make their Port wine. I have to say, Ruby Port was one of our favorite flavor. 

Meet our Portuguese pet, Pete who found us the first night we got to Quinto de Pego. Even the animals in Portugal were friendly and easy going ;)

Nazare, Portugal was next on our list. This was the Hubby's, favorite spot.  If you are a beach person, this city is for you! Nazare was a summer hotspot for the Portuguese . Just the view from our hotel window would have been enough to make me happy for a week, but there were many other activities beyond our hotel that we enjoyed doing. There is so much to see in this laid back beach town. 

We ended our trip back in the capital of Portugal, Lisbon. Lisbon was a beautiful city right on the River Tagus, and full of historical charm. Be sure to take a Tuk-Tuk tour around to learn more about the city. 

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